Tree Trimming Hammond

It is August, the hottest part of the summer. The time of year where there are festivals and Fairs all over the state. It is a time to enjoy being with family and meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while to celebrate local and State heritage. August is also the time of year where things start to wind down. Students go back to school. College students start going back to school or moving away from home for the first time. Vacation start winding down and people go back to work. It starts getting cooler and less humid. All of this starts the transition to my favorite time of year Fall. Why is it my favorite? That is easy to explain. Although summer is fun, it is hot and humid and sometimes to uncomfortable to be outside. During the Fall is it cooler and less humid and almost perfect weather to be outside. Fall also brings along color. Red, green, yellow, orange and brown these are the colors of Fall. It is as if mother Nature took a paint brush and splashed color everywhere. The falling leaves splash color on the ground and provide a playground for children of all ages. There is a crispness and freshness in the air, that only comes in the fall. It also brings bon fires, football, hoodies and pumpkin spice everything. For all the above-mentioned reasons Fall is my favorite season.

Hammond Indiana, a city in the northern most part of the state is the 5th largest city In Indiana. It is in Lake County. So named for its location to lake Michigan. It is named after George Hammond who started a slaughter house there. It started out as settlement of German farmers as early as 1847. With the creation of the slaughterhouse and beef packaging plant Hammond became a bustling city. Although Hammond is known for its industrial nature it keeps up with the Green side also. There are 950 acres of parks and a marina by the lake. It is also known for the 129-acre Gibson woods nature preserve. The preserve became a county park with the help of a federal fund and the lake county park department. The park became the state nature preserve in 1981. It has many hiking trails and a gift shop. It is also the home of many rare species of plants and animals. It also has a small area of wetlands. It also has a long stretch of sand dunes. This preserve definitely has everything. So much beautiful nature to see and take care of. Hammond is also the home of Hammond tree service. It is locally owned and operated. This is important because no one cares for their neighborhood better than someone who lives there. They offer tree trimming services and tree removal in the Lake county area. They provide an important service. It is not easy taking care of and helping to preserve natural beauty. It takes dedication and skill. This is why for your tree care needs you should consider Hammond tree service.