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Storm Damage

When thunderstorms, tornados, ice storms and other events from Mother Nature causes tree damage, we are here to help.   Depending on the health of your trees, the damage could be a minor cleanup or in a worse case scenario, complete devastation as all of your trees could be downed.   Many factors come into play as wind speed, lightning, ice, tree size, decay or an already dead tree are just a few of the many reasons why a tree could fall or be heavily damaged, while others remain unharmed.

We at Hammond Tree Service have the experience and tools needed to get the job done quickly.    Whether your tree falls harmlessly on your property or lands on your house or car, our professional team can help.   Emergency services are available, so please call us today at 219-228-1623 or fill out the form below.   We hope you are never in a situation that requires emergency services from storm damage, but if so, we’ll take good care of you.