Lets get ready for Spring

The very mild Winter we have had here in Hammond has kept us extremely busy.   No complaints here, for sure, but a little more snow wouldn’t have been all that bad.   We have spring fever and if you do so as well, give us a call at 219.228.1623 or fill out our form below and we’ll contact you.   It’s now time to start planning on how you’ll get your trees ready for the spring growing season.   Early assessments are important, so please call today.

Its important to have your trees trimmed by a professional such as Hammond Tree Service.   We’ll get them shaped up for optimal growing as we understand the branch structure and how to prune which will help improve the health of your tree.

Its also of the utmost importance to get your leaves leftover from the fall, picked up.   Your tree needs to breathe and we recommend this step.   Its also very good to use mulch around the base of the tree, especially if the tree in question is young.    This will help hold much needed moisture which should assist in keeping your trees growing healthy.

We also recommend you look for any types of mold or other discoloration on the tree, as this could indicate a disease.    You can do this yourself or we’ll be happy to come out to your home or business and do your Spring assessment.   If you would like for our Arborist to visit you, please give us a call at 219.228.1623 or fill out the form below.    We’ll be happy to help you this summer as we want to save as many trees as possible.   We are in the tree removal business, but quite honestly, we would rather see a tree being trimmed up for long term growth.    Whatever you need, feel free to give us a call.    We are a locally owned & family owned company looking forward to serve you.